SECAmb Benevolent Fund

Dedicated to serving Ambulance Personnel


How do I join?

Just complete the application form which is part of the SECAmb Benevolent fund leaflet along with your payment details and send via internal mail or post to SECAmb Benevolent Fund c/o Ashford Make Ready Centre.

Put your full name, the date of the application and your Base (e.g. workplace).

Next you need to put your current home address or one where you would like any communication to be sent to. This should not be your workplace.

You can also refer to the How to Join section on this website.

How do I pay?

The application form has details for payment via Docas or Standing Order so just complete the appropriate part depending on how you wish to pay your monthly subscription.

Don’t forget to sign the form on both the application and payment sections.

Who can join?

To become a member you will need to be paid and employed by the Trust, this includes full time, part time and bank staff.

You can also become a member if you are an associate employee and work within SECAmb but are paid by a company outside of the Trust, which has been granted access to membership by the Benevolent Fund Trustees. Contact us for further details.

Why Should I join?

The Benevolent Fund is a charitable institution in existence to support its members in times of need.

Who knows when these times will occur but all of us appreciate help when it’s needed most.

The death and ill health financial benefits are available after 12 months membership and are there for the worst of times to offer support and comfort.

There is immediate welfare support and when agreed by the Trustees, financial support through temporary or unexpected events.

Who should I nominate?

The Nominee is the person who you want to benefit should you die in service.

This is normally your spouse/partner but could be your child or one of your parents.

You would receive a benefit payment should the worst happen to your Nominee.

It is important to remember that this benefit can only be claimed once during your membership.

What if I want to change my Nominee?

If a relationship breaks down or you wish to change your nominee, all you need to do is let us know as soon as possible.

How much does it really cost?

£1 (one pound) per calendar month, that’s all.

What if I leave SECAmb ?

Your membership ends when you leave the Trust.
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